Farmer Robert

Today, on my 81st birthday, my wife, Barbara, decided she wanted to grow fresh lettuce on our patio in Nevada. I spent most of the day gathering pots, cuttings, soil, and fertilizer to make this dream come true.

Guess who is the designated farmer?

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11 Responses to Farmer Robert

  1. Frances Foor says:

    Dear Mr. Murphy,
    The lettuce looks great. You are a pretty good farmer. I also wanted to wish you a happy birthday! You sure don’t look 81. Take care and I hope to meet you someday if you come to see Stacy here in Kentucky! Have a wonderful blessed birthday!
    God bless,
    Fran Foor

  2. Anna Petrovich says:

    Hey Happy Birthday Robert and that lettuce really looks great !!! Yummm !

  3. Suzy Fisher says:

    Great job Farmer Murphy! That lettuce will taste wonderful!

  4. Anna Petrovich says:

    Hey ,beautiful lettuce coming up for Birthday dinner tonight !!!!!

    Have a great day Robert !!!

  5. Marion says:

    Robert: your gardening skill is a surprise
    Congratulations! Happy Birthday

  6. Agnes says:

    Ok farmer Robert don’t quit your day job of
    writing award-winning books until you get abundant
    harvest on your lettuce and tell Barbara to be
    Happy birthday and may you have many more to
    celebrate. Cheers 🥂

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