The Iron Horse Chronicles Trilogy Complete

The Iron Horse Chronicles trilogy is complete. I have received finished, hard-bound copies of the third book, Golden Spike. Five Star Publishing will release the book officially on July 19, 2017. As usual, they have produced a first-class product. I am proud to offer it to my reading public. Click on the sidebar selections for either Amazon or Barnes & Noble to obtain your copy.

With all three books of the trilogy available, and with the story of Will Braddock’s quest to determine his own destiny complete, I have changed the header of this website to reflect the joining of the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific at Promontory Summit, Utah.


I took my photograph during a visit to the Golden Spike National Historic Site in 2014 at the annual reenactment of the ceremony. My header photograph duplicates the original celebration documented on May 10, 1869, by the famous photographer Andrew J. Russell.

[/media-credit] Photo by Andrew J. Russell, May 10, 1969

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