Nineteenth Century Internet

The title “Nineteenth Century Internet” may be a stretch, but in effect that was what the invention of the telegraph did for the world in the middle of the 1800s. I wrote about this phenomenon in my regular blog post on the website Mad About MG History.

Telegraph line adjacent to the meeting of the Jupiter and #119 at Promontory Summit.

Telegraph line adjacent to the meeting of the Jupiter and #119 at Promontory Summit.

The telegraph is featured throughout The Iron Horse Chronicles. All three books reveal how important this new invention was to the construction of the first transcontinental railroad. The final book, Golden Spike, tells about Will Braddock’s participation in the historic event that was signaled around the world by the telegraph in virtually real time.

Follow this link and read the article about the beginnings of what has now evolved into the rapid-fire communications we take for granted today. Scroll down until you come to my posting on March 31st with the title “Nineteenth Century Internet.”

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  1. As ever, fascinating insight into this important time in our history! Thank you for your careful attention.

  2. Frances Foor says:

    I truly love the way you put things across to help us understand the olden days. You are a great writer and the history is wonderful. I love the old west.

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