Alas, It Was Not to Be

In my last post, I stated I would be in Ogden, Utah, to participate in the annual convention of the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society and attend the sesquicentennial celebration at the Golden Spike National Historic Site on May 10, 2019. Unfortunately, the night prior to my scheduled departure from home, I developed a high fever and wound up cancelling my trip. I spent the next several days battling a flu-type bug with antibiotics. I am now recovering nicely, thank you.

Such disappointing events make one appreciate other opportunities that were accomplished. I am sad I could not be at Promontory Summit this year to witness the reenactment of the completion of the first transcontinental railroad 150 years ago; but, happy to recall that I did attend the annual reenactment in 2014 of that momentous event. I have dozens of photographs to remind me of that wonderful trip.

2014 Reenactment of CP’s Jupiter meeting UP’s Engine 119 at Promontory Summit.

Brief national television news coverage this past Friday and Saturday indicated those who attended the sesquicentennial celebration on May 10, 2019, had great weather and enjoyed the proceedings.

I made my visit to the reenactment ceremonies on May 10, 2014, as part of my many research trips while writing about the most important engineering achievement of the nineteenth century in Golden Spike, The Iron Horse Chronicles–Book Three.

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4 Responses to Alas, It Was Not to Be

  1. Joanne Sundell says:

    Oh my, Robert! I just saw this post and am so sorry to learn this news. I am glad you are better. Our health comes first. You are THE engineer as far as I’m concerned. Wishing you well today and always.

  2. Frances Foor says:

    Oh my gosh! How disappointing that was for you, but I’m sure glad you’re doing better now. I guess it was the way it was to be. You take care and keep well!


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