Roundup Magazine Reviews Eagle Talons

Roundup MagazineRoundup Magazine reviewed Eagle Talons, The Iron Horse Chronicles–Book One, in its February 2015 issue. Roundup is published bi-monthly by Western Writers of America to “provide a forum on issues that pertain to Western literature, in general, and Western Writers of America and its members, in particular.” You do not have to be a member of this prestigious writers’ organization to enjoy the magazine. The magazine provides feature articles with a western orientation, book reviews, music recommendations, and much more.  For $40.00 per year anyone can subscribe to the magazine. Check out this link:

As of the date I am writing this blog, I have not been able to locate a photo of the cover of the February 2015 issue, so I affix a photo of the cover for the December 2014 issue. Since most of you are probably not subscribers at this time to Roundup, I will provide you with the text of the Eagle Talons book review by Lynn Bueling, a member of WWA.

“A group of teenagers wrestle among themselves with matters of right and wrong. Couple that with history of the Union Pacific’s building of the first transcontinental railroad, and young readers will find worthwhile reading in this young adult-adult crossover novel. The central character, Will Braddock, runs from an unwanted blacksmith apprenticeship in search of a sympathetic uncle, rescues a stolen horse, befriends an Indian boy after saving him from quicksand, and attempts to free a young girl from her Cheyenne captors. It is the eagle talons given him by the Indian boy that play a prominent role in the story. Eagle Talons is the first book of a promised trilogy.”

I thank Lynn and WWA for the nice review and for including it in the February 2015 issue.



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3 Responses to Roundup Magazine Reviews Eagle Talons

  1. Joyce says:

    Congratulations! Thank you for sharing the article.

  2. Way to go, Robert! I’m always on the horse right behind you, but am finding it’s a pretty good spot to be 🙂 I, too, had a nice review by Lynn Bueling in a past Roundup issue, and you gave me a needed reminder to send my thank you. Let me say how happy I am for you, and that Eagle Talons is so well-received! You are a great writer and a great person and … you pay for the wine 🙂

    My best always, Joanne

  3. Suzanne Fisher says:

    As always, I’m so impressed with the great reception of this your first published book. My buttons just continue to be popping off!! Your love of the railroads go way back to your fabulous model railway stations and trains you built as a youngster. Now writing about the transcontinental railroad brings full circle the love you’ve had for trains. I’ve admired and loved you all my life, Your very proud sis, Suzy

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