History of the Horse in Western America

Readers of this blog know I periodically contribute to the blog, Mad About MG History. MG stands for Middle Grade, and the purpose of the blog is to provide information for teachers and librarians engaged in encouraging middle grade students to read history.

I reviewed several books suitable for middle grade students to learn about the history of the horse in western America. The readings cover the extinction of the original horse that was native to the Americas before the first humans arrived. The books continue with information on how Native Americans later captured the reintroduced horse brought by the invading Spanish Conquistadors.  The literature explains how the adoption of the horse changed the Indian’s culture, allowing them to become more effective hunters of large game and to evolve into one of the world’s most formidable light cavalry forces.

You can read that blog post here: http://madaboutmghistory.blogspot.com/

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