Hobbs, New Mexico, Book Signing Brought Back Memories

Hobbs MuseumOn Sunday, June 28, 2015, I was privileged to hold a book signing for Eagle Talons, The Iron Horse Chronicles–Book One, at the Western Heritage Museum and Lea County Cowboy Hall of Fame on the campus of New Mexico Junior College in Hobbs, New Mexico. I grew up in Hobbs, attending all of my public schooling there through graduation from high school. I had not been back to the city of my youth for several years.

New Mexico Junior College produced an excellent media release, which you can read at this link: http://www.nmjc.edu/whatishappening/mediareleases.asp?storyid=1184. Rather than me repeat what the release contains, I invite you to check it out for yourself. The Hobbs News Sun produced an article informing the public of the book signing, but I am unable to find a link that does not require an on-line subscription to the newspaper.

Hobbs Book SigningOne of the highlights of the book signing was when a young man brought in a copy of Eagle Talons that he had previously purchased and read. I will not reveal his name, because I did not obtain permission beforehand from his parents. After my short talk about how I wrote my books, he purchased two additional books to give to his friends. That made the book signing in Hobbs all the more worthwhile.

I express my special thanks to family friend James Cecil who suggested the museum as a suitable venue for the book signing and for prodding the newspaper into interviewing me by telephone and writing their article. James had been a friend of my father for many years, having been one of Dad’s former students, and he was instrumental in spearheading a movement that resulted in naming a new school in Hobbs in my father’s memory.

Harold Murphy School

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