Tonya Todd was Guest Speaker at Anthem Authors

On Tuesday, January 14, 2020, Tonya Todd, the Henderson Writers Group’s Education Chair, gave a special presentation to members of Anthem Authors about the benefits of attending the annual Las Vegas Writers’ Conference. As the current President of Anthem Authors, it was my pleasure to host her at a luncheon and to introduce her to our writers’ group in Sun City Anthem, Henderson, Nevada.


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  1. Hi Robert,
    I was a member of Anthem Authors a few years ago. I moved back to Ohio. I used to buy all of your books for my husband. I still buy them when I know about them. My pen name is Meg Anne Brighton, and I published, A Swirl of Dust, a few weeks ago. It’s on

    I’m finishing up a rewrite of The Girl with the Golden Ribbon.

    I’m thrilled that you are the president of Anthem Authors!

    My neighbor was Jack Cox. Your wife used to play cards with him. I’m wondering how he’s doing. We don’t hear from him anymore.


    • Congratulations on your book, A Swirl of Dust. I’ll check it out. Jack Cox continues to play cards with my wife, and we three frequently go out to dinner together. I am nearing the completion of another novel, but it will be some time before it is published. Keep checking this website for progress. Thanks for reaching out. Regards, Robert Lee Murphy

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