Boomer Sooner Football 60 Years Ago

A fellow resident of Sun City Anthem, Henderson, Nevada, shared a rare treasure with me this week. He has the “Souvenir Program” for the Army vs. Oklahoma football game that took place on November 14, 1959. OU won the game 28-20. The game was broadcast by NBC as a game of the week. Note the price of the program–50 cents.

I attended that game during my senior year at Oklahoma University. I attended all OU home football games from 1956 thru 1959. I graduated in 1960. While a student at OU, I also attended the four games OU played with Texas at the old Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas. I managed to attend two other “away” games–one at Oklahoma State (then Oklahoma A&M) and one at Missouri University. We students at OU were avid fans of the great teams fielded during those years under Coach Bud Wilkinson.


My friend also still has his two ticket stubs to the Army-Oklahoma game. A check of the internet reveals that the seats for which he paid $5 each now sell for $30. The internet states that paid attendance on November 14, 1959, was 62,472, the most for any home game that year.



Other than the cover, the only color pages in the program are the center spread listing the probable starting lineups and the other members of the two squads. Chesterfield Cigarettes sponsored this color spread. We had a thing or two to learn yet.

Thanks for bringing back memories of great times, Woody!

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  1. How interesting, Robert! I contend that, just as in the Johnny Cash song … “I’ve been everywhere, man”… you HAVE been everywhere and done pretty much everything. How the heck did you find time to write? Chuckle.

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