Book Signing at Sun City Anthem

On Saturday, October 9, 2021, I participated in a book signing at the Sun City Anthem Arts & Crafts Fair in Henderson, Nevada. This is typically an annual event, but because of the pandemic, the event was cancelled last year. Participating in the fair as a member of Anthem Authors, it was great to be able to once again offer autographed copies of The Iron Horse Chronicles. This was the first event at which I had both hardcopy and paperback versions of the trilogy available for sale. The book signing was a great success, and except for the photo posing, I wore my mask throughout the event.

Photo courtesy of Anthem Sun City.

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3 Responses to Book Signing at Sun City Anthem

  1. Lindsey Barker says:

    Hi Robert,
    Glad to see you are promoting your books with book signings. I was in Anthem Authors with you a few years ago. I’m in Ohio. We’ve been looking for a place for the winter months in Sun City Anthem.

    The thriller that I wrote last year–Run, Susan, Run is doing well as a reading app. It is a 5 Star book and has had 4.7K reads since July.

    Pseudonyms Meg Anne Brighton/Lindsey Barker

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