Big Eight-O

This past week I celebrated my eightieth birthday. Many folks sent their good wishes. I extend my thanks to each of you. I want to share a couple of photos from my birthday dinner at Hank’s Fine Steaks & Martinis in the Green Valley Ranch Casino. Hank’s is one of Las Vegas’s five star restaurants–a must place to dine when you visit our city.

My wife, Barbara, is seated to my left. Opposite me is Carol White, our casino hostess, who arranged the dinner. To my right is Carol’s sister, Connie. We had a delightful meal, as always, at Hank’s. The special highlight of the evening was the birthday cake!

Josef Passalacqua, Pastry Chef at Hank’s, prepared this wonderful German chocolate cake (my favorite) with its book and railroad theme. The individual pages of the book are detailed in the icing around the three sides away from the book’s spine. Atop the book, the caboose is also made with icing, complete down to its coupler. Thank you, Josef.

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  1. frannie461 says:

    Happy Happy birthday Mr. Murphy. Stacy said it was coming up and I meant to get on sooner, but I think old age is hitting me. I forgot. Looks like you had a very special night. God bless and keep you for many more years to come.

    Fran Foor
    Thanks again for the books!

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