Bear Claws Wins Wyoming State Historical Society Award

WSHS Certificate for Bear ClawsOn Saturday, September 10, 2016, The Wyoming State Historical Society presented Bear Claws, The Iron Horse Chronicles–Book Two, with First Place in the Publications Category Fiction, “in recognition of the outstanding accomplishments and contributions to Wyoming’s legacy.”

Receiving Bear Claws AwardIt is a great honor to receive this prestigious award from a dynamic historical society. I will post additional information and photographs over the next few week about my visit to Buffalo, Wyoming, my participation in the 63rd Annual Meeting of The Wyoming State Historical Society, and the research I did in the local area for the new book I am writing. My sincere thanks to the President and Awards Committee of The Wyoming State Historical Society.

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  1. What an amazing honor for you and your Iron Horse Chronicles, sir! So happy for your tremendous success and acknowledgement from the Wyoming Historical Society 🙂

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