Bear Claws Finalist for 2016 Will Rogers Medallion Award

Will Rogers Medallion AwardBear Claws, The Iron Horse Chronicles–Book Two, has been selected as a finalist for the 2016 Will Rogers Medallion Award in the category for Younger Readers. Eagle Talons, the first book in the trilogy about Will Braddock and his quest to determine his own destiny at the time of the building of the transcontinental railroad, won the Bronze Will Rogers Medallion Award in 2015 in the Younger Readers’ category.

BearClawsFrontWill Rogers Medallion 1I plan to go to Fort Worth, Texas, to participate in the festivities and award ceremony on October 29, 2016, when the medallions will be awarded. I wrote about my experience and posted this photo last year when I received the Bronze Medal for Eagle Talons. Click the Archives button in the sidebar to see my post from October 26, 2015.

Tiffany Schofield, Senior Editor, Five Star Publishing, the publisher of my Iron Horse Chronicles’ trilogy, posted a wonderful notice on the company’s Facebook Page announcing that two of Five Star’s writers have been nominated for the 2016 Will Rogers Medallion Award. I include a link to the notice here. I appreciate the support Five Star provides me.

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  1. Suzy Fisher says:

    Oh my, how proud we are of you once again!! Best of luck to you with the Will Rogers’s award. Much loves, Suzy

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