Wyoming State Historical Society Award for Bear Claws

Wyoming State Historical Society LogoThe Wyoming State Historical Society Awards Committee informed me this past week that Bear Claws, The Iron Horse Chronicles–Book Two has been selected to receive an award in the Publications Category for 2016. The award will be presented at a luncheon to be held in Buffalo, Wyoming, during the Society’s annual meeting on Saturday, September 10, 2016. I plan to be there.

Fort Phil Kearny SignThe location is fortuitous because Buffalo is sixteen miles from Fort Phil Kearny State Historic Site where I want to do additional research on the book I am currently writing. This novel takes place in 1866 along the famous Bozeman Trail. I visited Fort Phil Kearny in 2010, but my ongoing research has generated questions that can best be answered by walking the ground and talking to local experts.

BearClawsFrontI look forward to the trip for three reasons. First, to receive an award from the Wyoming State Historical Society for Bear Claws is thrilling and gratifying. Second, to visit the site again where my characters will act out their scenes will be helpful and rewarding. Third, I always enjoy traveling through the beautiful state of Wyoming.

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  1. Fran Foor says:

    Congratulations Mr Murphy. You and your book certainly deserve this award. I know all of us at Spencer County Library are very excited about this. Hope to see you here sometime. Enjoy your trip to beautiful Wyoming.

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