A Wonderful Review of Eagle Talons

As the author of The Iron Horse Chronicles, I am pleased with the reviews of my books prepared by fellow authors and professional reviewers. I am proud of the awards my books have received, like the 2015 Bronze Will Rogers Medallion Award for Eagle Talons. But, what brings the most joy are reports from readers who like my characters and their story.

Kaedyn JPEG ImageRecently, Donna Mabry, whom I introduced in a previous blog posting, showed this picture of her nine-year-old nephew, Kaedyn, to the members of Sun City Anthem Authors and told the story about his obvious love of Eagle Talons. Donna said Eagle Talons was the first book fourth-grader Kaedyn read that had not been a school assignment.

Kaedyn told his mother that he wanted her as yet unborn child, if the baby is a boy, to be named Will Braddock. What an honor for the lead character in Eagle Talons. That makes me burst with joy! An author can receive no better review for his writing.

Thank you, Kaedyn. I am anxious to hear your impressions about Bear Claws. I understand you read it in twelve days. I hope you enjoyed Will Braddock’s adventures in the second book in The Iron Horse Chronicles as much as you did the first.

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