Western Writers of America Convention

WWA Convention BadgeWestern Writers of America held their 2014 annual convention in Sacramento, California, from June 24 through June 28. I was privileged to attend as a new member. I had gone to the WWA convention in Las Vegas last year as a guest, and I knew from the moment I arrived for the first session in 2013 that I had to join this group of illustrious writers who keep the spirit of the American West alive. Throughout the convention, numerous seminars conducted by fellow members and special guests pass on personal experiences and accumulated wisdom on topics that are beneficial to new and seasoned writers alike. Each member of the organization makes the newcomer feel like he or she has been a part of the group forever. To learn more about WWA click on the link in the sidebar.

California RR MuseumA special feature of the convention this year was a tour of Old Sacramento and the California State Railroad Museum. Click on the sidebar link to go directly to the museum’s website. In addition to a tour of the museum’s excellent collection of railroad locomotives and cars, I had the wonderful experience of conducting research in the museum’s library. I plan to write a separate post about how that research successfully answered a question that needed resolution before I could continue with my writing of book three, Golden Spike.

Tiffany & HazelI met several famous western authors during the convention, and I also got to know better two ladies who have been instrumental in publishing my first novel, Eagle Talons, The Iron Horse Chronicles–Book One. To my right is Tiffany Schofield, the Senior Editor of Five Star Publishing. To my left is Hazel Rumney, Developmental Editor, who guided me through the task of editing and correcting the manuscript. Both Hazel and Tiffany will be assisting me over the next few weeks in preparing book two, Bear Claws, for publication in 2015. Check out Five Star’s website, see the sidebar for the link, and learn more about the books they publish.

The highlight of each annual WWA convention is the presentation of the Spur Awards for best writing in numerous categories of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and music. You can see the complete list of the award-winning writers by going to the WWA website.

I am already making plans to attend the 2015 convention, to be held in Lubbock, Texas.


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