Book Two Sold!

Bear Claws, The Iron Horse Chronicles—Book Two, has been accepted by Five Star Publishing as part of their Frontier Fiction series. Five Star plans to publish Eagle Talons, the first book in the trilogy, in November 2014. At the present time, I am writing Golden Spike, the third book, in which I will present a thrilling and fitting climax to the story about Will Braddock’s quest to determine his own destiny.

In Bear Claws, Will Braddock, now fifteen years old, must face up to his responsibilities as a hunter for the Union Pacific. while construction effort on the transcontinental railroad proceeds in 1868 across central Wyoming. Will repeatedly fights off his vengeful antagonist, Paddy O’Hannigan, strengthens his friendship with the mixed-blood Cheyenne, Lone Eagle, and maintains his fascination with feisty Jenny McNabb. Throughout the book, Will continues his involvement with captivating fictional characters and remarkable historical personalities. When he discovers a plot to kill Ulysses S. Grant, the Republican candidate for President of the United States, Will places his own life on the line to prevent a tragedy.

You can continue to follow the progress of all three books by returning to the pages and posts of this website. You can also keep track of pending release dates by visiting Five Star Publishing’s website:

As part of my ongoing research, I am going to Utah later this week. On May 10, I plan to be at the Golden Spike National Historic Site in Promontory for the reenactment of the driving of the golden spike, which occurred on that same date in 1869. Visit this National Park Service website for details:

While in Utah, I am also looking forward to a visit to the Union Station in Ogden. You can learn more about this museum at:

I’ll  report on my Utah visit in forthcoming posts. Stay tuned!

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4 Responses to Book Two Sold!

  1. Suzy Fisher says:

    I enjoy every word you write. So looking forward to reading all the books about Will Braddock. Enjoy your trip to Utah, and see you soon. Hugs, Suzy

  2. Darrell Borland says:

    I just heard of you, as a historic rail-fan, myself, and ordered all 3 books. Thanks.

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