Problem with Comments Form

To many of you, I owe an apology. The Comments Form included at the end of each Post has recently not allowed readers of my Blog to submit comments.


This problem taught me a lesson on website management. Test the Comments Form every time I create a new Post to ensure that it is working!


Thanks to the technical support personnel at, I have identified and deleted an offending plugin that created the following message when a comment was submitted:


“You appear to be a spambot. Contact admin another way if you feel this message is in error. The cache may have been out of date. Use this link to view a fresh version of [the title of the particular Post appeared here]. Error Code: nr02.”


I invite you to return to the Post on which you had tried to make a comment and resubmit it. I promise I will review it immediately. If you still have trouble with the Comments Form, please use the Contact Form found on the Menu bar of my website to send an email advising me you are experiencing a problem.


Sorry about not having something more interesting to post this week, but I’ve been consumed trying to fix this problem. Look for something more intellectually challenging next Monday.


Regards, Robert Lee Murphy

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4 Responses to Problem with Comments Form

  1. Suzy Fisher says:

    So glad you are “up and running” once again. Hope this goes through this time. I had a little trouble typing in this box. I would type and it would disappear, but now looks good. Have a great day, Suzy

  2. Joyce Regan says:

    I’m sorry you had the problem, but glad you got it fixed.
    My husband and I are off to Ireland for the month of May, See you at the meeting when we return.
    Joyce R.

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