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Libraries and bookstores are my favorite places to shop. When I am looking for mundane items, such as hardware or clothing, if the item I seek is available I make my purchase and depart, otherwise I just leave. When I go to a library or a bookstore, it does not matter whether they have the specific item I intended to acquire, I always find something irresistible. Time becomes meaningless when I browse a library or bookstore. I have to continually remind myself that I have other appointments for which I should not be late.

Stacy in LibraryMy younger daughter, Stacy Tiller, works for the Spencer County Public Library in Taylorsville, Kentucky. She assists patrons at the front desk, but she also organizes entertaining, educational programs for the community. A couple of years ago, while my wife, Barbara, and I were visiting Stacy and her family, she arranged for me to make a presentation about my prior travels and experiences in Antarctica.

Stacy with BooksA few months ago, Stacy and her family, joined by her older sister Beth, spent a fun vacation in Florida. While there, she managed to continue her library work by preventing what appears to be the world’s tallest stack of books from tumbling.

A recent article on Book Patrol’s website enlightened me to the fact that there are over 120,000 libraries in the United States. There are almost 9,000 public libraries. The majority are school libraries–over 98,000. Be patient with this lengthy, slow-loading link, which will take you to Book Patrol’s fascinating article:

Eagle Talons, The Iron Horse Chronicles–Book One, will be released on October 22, 2014. You will be able to find the book in many libraries, since Five Star Publishing provides special services to public and school libraries. Of course, you can pre-order your personal copy by clicking on the links in the sidebar for Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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  1. stacy tiller says:

    We have per-ordered Eagle Talons not because my father wrote it but because it is really good. Books about boys based during that time period are few and far between. A well written book that includes tains and adventure is a must for any library.

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