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Until recently, when folks wanted to read The Iron Horse Chronicles in e-book form, they were limited to Amazon’s Kindle. Five Star Publishing has placed its books, including mine, on a great new site that now allows other ways to enjoy e-books. Now, when buyers ask me at a signing if the book is available for Nook or Kobo, I do not have to apologize and answer “no.”

Check out this link to Five Star’s catalog of e-books on My Must Reads:

If you read on an Apple or Google device, or on an Amazon Fire, a Nook, or Kobo, you can download the My Must Reads app to your device. When you open the above link, select the FAQs item in the upper right hand corner of the page and you will find directions on how to install the app and how to order books. (Note: Amazon’s Kindles do not work with the My Must Reads app. If you read on a Kindle, you must download directly from Amazon.)

Return to the Five Star page and scroll down to the second row of books entitled Historical Fiction/Young Adult Crossover and you will immediately see Eagle Talons. By tapping the arrow to the right of this row of books you will transition to additional volumes where you will find Bear Claws. I am including this new link in Favorite Websites in the right-hand sidebar of my website.

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