Eagle Talons Recognized in Preditors & Editors 2014 Poll

Preditors & Editors LogoPreditors & Editors website has announced that Eagle Talons, The Iron Horse Chronicles–Book One, has tied for seventeenth place in the Young Adult category for books published in 2014. No, the first word is not a misspelling, it’s a play on the second word. Writer’s Digest, an indispensable tool for writers, in my opinion, considers Preditors & Editors as one of its 101 Best Websites for Writers, because it provides help to authors in “bypassing publishing scams and fraudulent organizations.”

It is gratifying to be counted in the top echelon of new books released last year. You can see all of the rankings in the Young Adult Book category, as well as navigate to the other nine categories, at this link: http://critters.org/predpoll/final_tally_novelyoungadult.ht.

If you are interested in exploring all of the services Preditors & Editors provides to writers, visit their website at: http://pred-ed.com/. For example, if you click on Book Publishers in the left sidebar, select the letter “F” and scroll down, you will find Five Star Publishing. You will notice that there are no negative comments shown for my publisher.

I am currently engaged with Five Star Publishing in the final editing of Bear Claws, The Iron Horse Chronicles–Book Two. It is currently scheduled for release on October 15, 2015. The large print edition of Eagle Talons will be released in paperback format by Wheeler Publishing on March 11, 2015. If you, or any of your friends or relatives, have vision problems, this may be the edition for your reading enjoyment.


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2 Responses to Eagle Talons Recognized in Preditors & Editors 2014 Poll

  1. Joyce says:

    Congratulations on the ranking on your book, I believe it is well deserved. Continued good luck with Eagle Talons as well as your new book.

  2. This is wonderful news, Robert! I’m so very happy for you. Better than any Super Bowl ranking!!!

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